So, anyway...

I just finished a 26-year run as the creative director of a successful ad agency. So, why am I not still there?

Simple – I redefined myself, much as many industries have had to do. I’ve found that a lot of companies want creativity honed by in-the-trenches experience, but without the expense or hassle of an agency relationship.

Clients want a visually effective bridge between them and their customers. They need memorable imagery and verbiage that convey the right message – immediately. Something that your target markets will look at and think, “Now there’s a company I want to deal with.”

And that’s what I’ll bring to you: left-brain marketing knowledge merged with right-brain design. You get my whole brain to promote your products or services, as have other companies now using my pieces worldwide.

If you’re looking for standard stuff that blends with your competitors’ noise, you probably shouldn’t bookmark But if you want a seasoned professional for standout materials, call or click, and let’s talk!